Long time no see... 1:20 PM

So I went back to work last year and with work full time, 5 kids and everything else going on in our lives I am just now getting back to blogging. While I was away from here I do have to admit I spent a lot of my spare time exploring other blogs. I have a few favorites that I will be grabbing buttons for later today. I was exploring blogs about frugal living, saving money and coupons. A few blogs about coupon shopping and that was it! Now I can't get enough of 'em.

Now that I'm back I will be posting as much as I can about my shopping trips, awesome store deals, and everything I can to help you save some cash. Some blogging moms blog about ways to save cash plus stress and frustration at the store but not me. All I can try to help you save is cash. As soon as I can walk into a Walmart and not immediately have the urge to run people over with my cart I will let you know.

So, i just got back from Smith's Food and Drug. When I walked out of the store my grocery bag was filled with @ $22 worth of products and guess what I spent...
LESS THAN $8.00!

Todays shopping trip was good but I have had better days within the past few months.
That's a whole other post that I will get to eventually.

In my opinion, Smith's always has the best sales. There weekly ads come out on Wednesday of every week and this week's ad included a deal on Huggies Little Movers on sale. This is how today's trip started:

Huggies Little Movers
On sale $8.99
PQ= $3.00 OFF
Total Spent= $5.99

2 Boxes Huggies Wipes 64ct
On sale $2.49 /ea
2-PQ= $2.00 OFF
Total spent on 2 boxes= .98 cents

Febreeze Air Effects
On clearance $1.49
MQ= .50 cents OFF
Total spent= .99 cents

Pantene Conitioner
On clearance $1.49
MQ= $2.00 OFF
Total spent= FREE

2 Johnson's Buddies Soap
Reg. Price .99 cents/ea
2 MQ= $1.00 OFF
Total spent on 2 boxes=FREE


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