Bleach, Coffee, Vitamin C and the FLU. 10:15 PM

All four of those thing were in my home this past week. When I walk through my front door I can still smell a hint of vicks, child vomit, Lysol and bleach. Sleep? I think blinking is as close as I have been to sleep in days.
I would like to offer advice to anybody who is planning on having more than 1 child or any parent who has more than 1 child but hasn't been through cold and flu season yet. If one child gets sick, they will probably ALL get sick. Be prepared! If you have kids and think I am wrong because your kids never get each other sick....CALL ME PLEASE and tell me how to work that magic.
First it was our oldest 3 kids who go to school. Then it was the 5 year old at home. This makes sense of course that it happened in this order because he wants to do everything they do, see everything they see, touch everything they touch and with his big heart and his trusty sidekick "cuddles" the teddy bear, he tries to nurse them back to health when they are sick. BAM! 4 out of 5 kids sick... until tonight. The last one to get sick is our newborn baby girl who is in my arms with a fever.
Some things you should always have stock piled if there is a cold or flu bug going around and you have children are:
Disinfecting Wipes-for door knobs, light switches, buttons, etc.
Disinfecting Solution-for when you run out of wipes
Vitamin C-and lots of it for you and them in any form (Emergen-C drink mixes work well)
A small trash can or bucket-because sometimes tossing your cookies in a small trash can is better than tossing your cookies in the room, down the hall, and in the bathroom while trying to make it to the toilet
-trust me on this one!


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