More Kids Means We Need More Income.... 8:39 AM

When we found out we were having baby # 5, the thought did cross our minds that we needed more income than what we had. Unfortunately, it was just a thought and I haven't really done anything about it all these months. So, a couple of weeks ago it really set in when we realized that we didn't have anything for this baby because we donated ALL of the baby stuff a few months before the positive pregnancy test (we aren't having anymore kids anyway so why did we need it, right?wrong). Both me and my husband working full time was only enough to cover rent, gas, food, car insurance, and not much else. I panicked when my OB told me working was out of the question for the last 2 months until the baby arrives so I had to get creative and get there fast. I started doing my online surveys again and tried getting back to working with the affiliate programs and paid email sites. Pretty much everything that I could do at home without spending any money, I tried to do. It helped out a little but not enough. I have some more ideas brewing that I will share in my next post but until then I have some great sites for anyone looking to make some extra cash while you're stuck at a computer all day or stuck at home with your kids all day. is my favorite survey site because they send the checks out faster than any other site I have used. am loyal to this one because I have received so many checks from them over the past 2 years. identical to the one above.


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