Parenting Class? 6:23 PM

My husband and I found out last month that we are expecting our 5th child. YIPPY!!! We are very happy about it (a little nervous but happy). Our other 4 kids are amazing and we love them more than life itself.
I had an ultrsound done today (my 3rd at this office) at this great place here in town that offers free limited ultrsounds, assistance with maternity and baby items, pre-natal and post natal counseling and parenting classes. After it was done, the nurse told me that I had a beautiful family and that she wished she had parents like me and my husband to teach parenting classes!! I couldn't beleive my ears. In our eyes, we are a low income family working full time jobs, up to our knees in medical debt and always wishing we had more time to spend with our kids and each other. I never thought in my wildest dreams that anyone would every look at this disfunctional mess we call a life and say that we would be great at teaching other families how to live and parent.
After 9 hours of pondering why she would say that, I still haven't figured it out. All we did in that office was show my 2 youngest kids their new sibling swimming around on the screen, ask my son to stop kicking my daughter, tell the nurse that we were on a schedule because the oldest 2 kids had to be picked up from school soon, and I blew my husband and 2 kids kisses when they went back to the waiting room.
Then I started to think that maybe it was because we survived 4 kids already and are brave enough (or crazy enough) to have another. I'm not sure what it was but it kept a smile on my face all day. Maybe things aren't as bad as they always seem. No matter what has happened with work and bills we still have a happy family. Every step of this journey, whether it be a step up or a step down has been worth it.


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